Powerful insights by connecting WorkflowMax

Get job, billable and performance insights when you connect and measure your WorkflowMax data with Everperform.

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How Everperform + WorkflowMax works

Connect WorkflowMax with Everperform and start working smarter

1. Connect WorkflowMax
Connect your WorkflowMax account to Everperform in just a few clicks. Your data gets matched against your employees and assigned as individual KPIs.
2. Measure & Report
Dive into your WorkflowMax data right in Everperform. Rank your WorkflowMax data against your existing performance metrics to find your best performers.
3. Set Targets, Achieve Results
Set targets against your WorkflowMax metrics against every employee in your firm. View their trends, compare KPIs and more to get a better view of performance.

Get insights into your firm's performance.

Everperform syncs your practice data and performance results from WorkflowMax, letting you get smart insights into performance across your firm.

Measure every employee's performance against:

Active Jobs
Billable Hours
Non-Billable Hours
Total Hours

Powerful reports with WorkflowMax and performance data

Do more with your job and timesheet data with powerful reports. Get a more in-depth view of what aspects of performance are impacting your client value, revenue, effeciency and more.


Connect jobs, timesheets and more to productivity and output

Get a smarter view of performance across your firm. Measure job data, timesheets, chargeable hours and more against advisor performance to get a better understanding of where your firm can improve.

How we measure performance
KPIs & Targets

Set targets for any metric, firm-wide

Everperform lets you set targets against your WorkflowMax metrics, for every advisor in your firm. Have your targets and results in one place, with powerful ranking and trends to cut down on time preparing reports.

Everperform has helped us make some really difficult decisions as a firm. We are starting to personalise the development pathways of our people with real-time data and proactively increase the performance and capability of our firm overall. It all started with focusing on measuring our people’s confidence and understanding the relationship with client value and revenue.
Amanda Kenafake
CEO, Power Tynan