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Everperform empowers mid-sized and enterprise accounting firms with the crucial measurement, insights and advisory required to accelerate sustainable performance and profitable growth.

of individuals* within the accounting industry failing to meet their performance objectives, both the costs and the potential for growth are immense.
The Performance Hub
"The Performance Passport is exactly where we need to be."

Adam Irwin

Managing Partner, Pitcher Partners

The best performing accounting firms are powered by Everperform

With the current headwinds that many accounting firms are facing, namely finding high quality and capable talent, burnout and stress levels of existing talent, and strong demand for client work, the time to shift the strategic and performance mindset for what the firm needs to look like is now.

We see this as a wonderful opportunity to leverage the people that already exist within each firm and enable them to achieve their performance expectations, sustainably.

Everperform focuses in on the major indicators of improved performance, proven from analysing billions of data points over the past eight years, and scenario-testing potential solutions to ensure what is actioned – works. Our findings show that just five indicators drive most results that clients of Everperform experience.

Most accounting firms overlook these indicators, leading to an industry-wide under-performance averaging 86% (FY23-FY24 survey results).
Based on Everperform Five Indicators proprietary system

The accounting firms that succeed set and achieve performance targets consistently

The Five Indicators of High-performance 1, 2:

  • * Disclaimer: Results based on utilisation of the Everperform Five Indicators.
  • 1. Based on 41.1 billion data points from Everperform-driven technology. Numbers FY23-FY24.
  • 2. Accounting firms that enable the Five Indicators achieve on average 15.38% improvement in equity partner profit growth year-on-year.


Under Performance

Individuals within the accounting industry fail to meet their performance objectives.


Effective Engagement

Accounting firms that measure employee engagement and take the required steps as a result of those measures.


Optimised Time

Accounting firms who optimise their time and effort (or know how to).



Accounting firms who provide performance clarity to their team members.



Managers in accounting firms that are engaged in team wellbeing (a key metric for employee retention / engagement). Yet 91.6% believe that providing clarity to teams is a strength of theirs.


Improvement in equity partner profit growth year-on-year.

Less than 11.9% of accounting firms measure the impact of investment in their people.

Accounting firms invest more in their people than ever before. Salary increases, performance-based incentives, the provision of a diversity of career pathways, health & well-being initiatives, and flexible working options and on the increase as much as 50% when compared to 2019 (based on client and industry payroll and financial datasets from 2019 - 2024.

This is all required in a world where the team expects and demands excellence from management. Yet if management is not measuring what they are receiving for their investment, then how do they know they are getting excellence in return?

Turn your data into performance

Most accounting firms collect data across multiple platforms, yet in every single case where the Everperform team has been invited in, the data has not been utilised to ensure a return on investment in the people they employ.

To be blunt, if nothing is happening with the data other than it being collected, it’s a waste of effort and resources. The purpose of data is what it tells us so we can act in more effective ways, driving performance, and improving profits.

Everperform clients receive useful data in realtime, accompanied by personalised insights to help individuals, managers and firms improve their performance in a sustainable way.

Individual Performers

The Performance Passport provides personalised insights using advanced analytics to enable you to improve in the areas that will help accelerate your performance and your career.

Managers & Leaders

Performance insights that make it easy and efficient to manage and improve your team’s performance, continuously. Covering lead and lag indicators based on a proven high performance methodology.

Partners & Directors

Everperform provides performance visibility to the owners and executives of the firm, and the insights on who to focus on and when. Optimize the investments you are making in your firm’s best performers.

“The framework of measures, questions and ratings that Everperform provided led to our management team having a much better understanding of our people and the lead indicators to performance. We have been able to prevent issues before they happen.”

Jason Robinson

Director, Future Advisory