How Does Your Accounting Firm Perform Compared to the Industry?

With 63.3% of individuals within the accounting industry failing to meet their performance objectives1, both the costs and the potential for growth are immense.

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Based on Everperform Five Indicators proprietary system

The accounting firms that succeed set and achieve performance targets consistently

The Five Indicators of High-performance 1, 2:

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  • * Disclaimer: Results based on utilisation of the Everperform Five Indicators.
  • 1. Based on 41.1 billion data points from Everperform-driven technology. Numbers FY23-FY24.
  • 2. Accounting firms that enable the Five Indicators achieve on average 15.38% improvement in equity partner profit growth year-on-year.


Under Performance

Individuals within the accounting industry fail to meet their performance objectives.


Effective Engagement

Accounting firms that measure employee engagement and take the required steps as a result of those measures.


Optimised Time

Accounting firms who optimise their time and effort (or know how to).



Accounting firms who provide performance clarity to their team members.



Managers in accounting firms that are engaged in team wellbeing (a key metric for employee retention / engagement). Yet 91.6% believe that providing clarity to teams is a strength of theirs.