The architecture firm of the future

Delivering differentiated value to your clients has never been more important. You need to be at your best, while growing your capability. We help you do both, in less time.

Architecture firms use Everperform to:

Make better decisions
Perform better, more often
Manage and coach remotely
Improve client outcomes
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Empower your leaders and architects to perform at their best.

Your people are your most valuable asset. Increase their potential to charge more with smart, personalised insights that improve capability firm wide.


Productivity, wellbeing and relationship results.


Increase in revenue firm wide, within 90 days.


Potential increase in revenue capacity per architect, per annum.*

*Based on results achieved by Everperform customers.

Real-time productivity, relationship and wellbeing insights

Unify and monitor your data using the Performance Graph and capture the key components that most firms miss when analysing performance.

  • Understand the relationships you have and need
  • Measure how wellbeing helps you sustain performance
  • Determine your underlying drivers of productivity
  • Act on insights that you're too busy to notice

Manage your team from anywhere and increase your connections

Enable your architects to adapt to the changing way we work and the expectations of clients. It's not about working harder, it's about understanding your team better and supporting them when they need it.

By understanding the lead indicators for your architects to perform at their best, your interactions with them become more meaningful and rewarding.

Connect performance data

Connect to key performance data sources across productivity, relationships and wellbeing to get a consolidated view.

Personalised insights

Using Everperform intelligence, your performance data is transformed into meaningful, personalised insights designed to make better decisions at all levels.

Performance autopilot

Automate the collection and measurement of client and employee feedback, engagement and job reviews and leadership and behaviours that are aligned to the advisor growth journey.

Smart recommendations to achieve better results in less time.

Individual and team dashboards give managers an overview of performance, driving focus and meaningful progress towards their goals and targets.

  • Self-serve reporting
  • Partner, architect and manager dashboards
  • Analyse KPI trends and progress

Enable the architecture firm of the future at every level

Partners & Directors

You are always in the know with an intelligent real-time view of your firm-wide performance, wellbeing and relationships.

Managers & leaders

Data driven, meaningful conversations, in less time with your team. Based on all the aspects that matter to the best managers and performers.

Architects & professionals

Personalised insights using advanced analytics to enable you to improve in the areas that will help accelerate your performance.

With a growing business we were worried about losing the one to one relationships we had with our team and ensuring that they remained fulfilled and happy in their roles. With Everperfom, we are able to see very quickly the general feeling within the office. We are able to have more regular and meaningful catch ups with members of the team that can really help drive change and improvements across many facets of the business.
Jeff Manson
Studio LBA