Professional service performance benchmarks and statistics

Last updated on 13 July, 2021

Compare how your firm is doing against the industry average with key performance category scores from thousands of Everperform users.


Average scores per performance category

These scores reflect the average feeling of individuals working in the professional services industry across different performance categories. Scores are calculated from ratings by users in-app, in the professional services industry, rated out of 5, weekly.

CategoriesMay 2020Jun 2020Jul 2020Aug 2020Sep 2020Oct 2020Nov 2020Dec 2020Jan 2021Feb 2021Mar 2021Apr 2021May 2021Jun 2021Jul 2021
Range: 69.6% - 67.3%
How many great workdays have you had recently?57.8%60.8%59.6%59.3%61.3%61.6%62.5%62.5%63.7%62.6%64.3%64.2%
I am feeling good and energised66.3%67.5%67.0%65.7%66.0%67.1%67.2%67.2%67.6%68.3%67.4%66.2%64.7%65.9%66.4%
I feel I manage well in times of uncertainty62.1%59.3%62.0%61.1%63.6%65.4%62.9%63.1%64.8%64.6%63.6%65.7%
I have everything I need to do my best work77.6%76.5%77.4%75.6%74.2%73.6%74.5%74.6%72.9%71.9%72.9%73.1%
I have received valuable feedback from someone recently66.6%65.5%65.2%65.1%65.6%66.1%66.2%67.2%67.4%67.1%67.2%66.8%67.1%69.4%69.3%
I know exactly what my targets are and when I need to achieve them75.9%75.7%75.5%75.5%75.9%75.4%75.1%75.5%75.4%74.8%75.0%74.3%74.3%75.6%75.3%
Range: 83.8% - 66.1%
I am able to switch off from work when I should64.3%63.8%64.6%64.8%63.7%64.0%64.3%64.0%65.1%64.6%64.9%64.1%
I am getting outside for fresh air regularly90.0%89.4%89.4%87.4%84.3%82.6%79.9%81.1%80.9%80.4%77.2%73.6%68.2%65.4%66.7%
I've been thinking clearly76.0%77.1%78.2%78.0%76.1%75.9%75.2%74.3%74.7%74.9%73.6%71.9%67.9%67.9%69.3%
Range: 77.6% - 72.2%
I am making a positive contribution to the team78.4%77.8%77.9%77.4%77.5%77.5%78.0%77.5%77.4%77.6%77.4%75.7%74.3%74.6%74.7%
I am making a positive impact to the clients I am working with now68.6%78.7%80.2%77.9%74.4%74.8%76.2%75.7%74.4%73.4%75.5%75.5%
I feel the effort I am putting in is having an impact this week69.1%74.7%77.5%78.1%77.5%77.2%78.5%78.4%75.4%69.9%71.8%72.3%
I feel we are delivering great value to our clients80.2%83.2%83.8%84.6%81.8%81.1%80.1%80.4%79.0%76.0%79.4%81.1%
I have a good work life balance right now68.0%68.7%68.7%68.5%68.7%69.2%69.5%69.5%70.7%71.3%70.7%67.8%67.5%68.2%68.8%
Range: 73.1% - 0%
I am spending my time working on the most important activities78.3%79.5%79.0%77.1%76.1%76.0%75.9%77.1%76.7%73.5%73.9%74.2%
I have a good balance between meetings, client, team and solo work this week67.7%68.3%69.2%69.3%70.2%70.8%69.0%69.2%69.7%67.9%68.6%69.5%
I have clear personal goals and I am on track to achieve them69.3%70.8%71.0%70.1%70.2%69.5%69.9%70.4%70.7%68.5%67.4%68.2%
Range: 74.6% - 72.4%
I ask for help when I need it75.3%75.7%75.9%75.7%75.7%75.5%75.1%74.9%74.9%75.0%74.7%75.0%75.2%75.5%76.0%
I give positive feedback to someone I work with72.1%69.8%70.0%69.9%70.3%70.2%68.9%69.6%70.3%69.4%70.8%69.7%69.7%70.1%70.8%
I have great relationships with the clients I am working with now77.4%73.8%74.2%75.8%76.0%75.6%75.5%74.0%72.8%72.8%74.0%74.9%
I have had meaningful conversations with my manager recently68.5%68.9%71.5%74.6%74.2%74.5%72.2%72.0%71.5%71.3%71.7%71.7%71.3%72.9%72.5%
I've had meaningful interactions with my team mates recently75.3%75.4%75.4%75.5%75.6%76.1%76.0%76.0%75.9%76.1%76.0%76.3%74.4%72.7%72.7%
Range: 74.7% - 70.6%
I have had opportunities to learn and develop recently70.4%77.6%77.8%77.4%76.1%74.1%74.0%73.4%71.6%69.9%69.8%70.1%
My current workload is manageable73.5%73.7%73.5%71.3%71.3%71.7%71.7%72.4%73.1%73.6%72.4%71.7%71.3%71.7%72.3%

We are analysing thousands of data points across our users in the professional services industry. Knowing where your firm stands in the larger picture is important. The table shows benchmarks and scores across the industry, measured with our Lead Indicator Playbook, so you can discover where your firm sits.

Average lead indicators scores for professional services by performance category

This financial year has been different. As an industry, professional services showed it could adapt to change quickly while continuing to advise clients through tough times.

This wasn't without pain and hurdles to overcome, with the data showing there are key lessons and takeaways everyone in the industry should be reflecting on. A big focus for the last financial year has been advisor well-being and work-life balance and its impact on client's experience, especially during the pandemic.

Since March 2021, almost every advisor in the country has been overwhelmed by an influx of work related to JobKeeper and lodgement deadlines. The impact of this increase in work was felt by our users, not only on their capacity but how effective they were and how they felt it was affecting the impact they had on their clients.

Live takeaways

5 July, 2021

Clear thinking improves slightly since last month

Last month, clear thinking hit its lowest point in the last 12+ months at 67.9%. This month, it has improved slightly at 69.0%. Hopefully we will see it reach its high point of 78.2% last June in the coming months.

Also this month, managing well in times of uncertainty has gone up to 65.4%, improving by 2.8% on last month. The last time it was this high was in January 2021.

18 June, 2021

Thinking clearly has dropped 1.2% on average since July 2020

Well-being is a real focus in the professional services industry, and we are seeing results that talk to how important it is. On average, people's ability to think clearly has dropped by 1.2% on average since June 2020.

This coincides with a 2.3% drop from March 2021 to April 2021, and a 5.5% drop from April 2021 to May 2021. In June, this number is still around the same as it was last month at 67.9%.

11 June, 2021

People are having more great workdays, more often

"How many great workdays have you had recently?" is at its highest score in the last year, increasing 2.5% in June. That's a continuation in the upward trend since increasing by 2.3% last week.

It's fantastic to see more people in the professional services industry having great days at work, especially coming out of the busiest months and into review periods for a lot of firms.

4 June, 2021

Receiving valuable feedback from someone in the firm has gone up by 2.8%

"I have received valuable feedback from someone recently" reached its highest score for the last 12 months, going up 2.8% in June.

This is a good result, showing a positive turn in some factors from the lower scores in May.

People also rated the question "How many great workdays have you had recently?" 2.3% higher than last month.

25 May, 2021

Wellness is dropping 1.65% per month on average across the accounting industry

Well-being levels across the accounting industry are slowly decreasing month on month. This could be due to lodgement due dates, workload and burnout.

This is a really important area of performance that more people in the accounting industry are paying attention to. As an example, Xero has taken great steps to support their staff and community well-being, including reposition sick leave as "wellbeing leave".

We walk through ways to improve advisor well-being across your firm in our blog post: Your advisor well-being has a positive impact on your client experience.