The Great Rejuvenation Series

With the conversation of 'The Great Resignation' in full swing, we wanted to dig into what we know from more than 1 million user ratings, and 500 million time related data points to address the issues facing the accounting industry.

This 4 part series will cover what we can consider the most important parts of 'The Great Resignation'. What is it? What are firms doing to avoid it? How do we turn the challenge into an opportunity?

We will discuss how firms can fend off resignations and set the foundation for personal growth and transformation, which in turn fuels the success of the Firm of the Future. How do we know? Well, we have the data to prove it.

Everperform Series : The Great Rejuvenation

At the crux of one of the great challenges being presented to the accounting and advisory industry is all surrounding one thing. Time. Where to spend it, and how to improve what we accomplish with it. Are people busy doing the most important things?

Series 1: Top Industry Benchmarks from 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, many of the stories that we hear are important building blocks for the year to come. ‘The Great Resignation’ is one, Languishing has been another, and being ‘Change Fatigued’ or simply ‘Too Busy’ is increasingly common.

Series 2: Quick wins to retain and attract the best talent

Stopping all of the things that don’t work, and starting all of the things that do work doesn’t involve a project team and 18 months of effort. The change can be achieved much quicker than you may think, and with far less pain.

Series 3: How to combat 'Busy'

At Everperform we see firms who are managing their people, time and resources well, and others who are falling behind. Here are 5 things that we have learnt that best firms navigate well which can help you combat ‘Busy’ now, and in the months to come.

Together this series acts as a Playbook to what we at Everperform call The Firm of the Future.