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Know your team from anywhere in the world and keep your finger on the pulse.

Keep track of your team's improvement with the Remote Teams playbook.

So your team is located all over this wonderful world of ours, great! We know how tough it is to keep up to date with their work, let alone what really matters. Like, how are they feeling? Do they know what is expected of them? Are they confident that they can perform well? And, do they feel that you have their back?

The Remote Teams playbook enables you to stay in the know with your team, while helping you easily identify who requires your focus and in what specific area. For example, the reflection pulse will provide you insights into how people believed they performed this week and if they are proud of their efforts. This is a great way for you to understand how your team perceives their own performance, and a wonderful way to start your 1:1 weekly conversation with them online.

And, all of this happens in a fraction of the time it takes you to do this (probably very painfully) today. As much of 80% of management time is reduced through the automation the Remote Teams playbook provides. Imagine what you can now do with that time!

So get started and watch your team flourish.

Remote Teams Schedule

On SignupBaseline PulseTeam Health, Performance
Weekly CheckinReflection Pulse, Life Balance Pulse, x3 MeasuresConfidence, Planning, Reflection
Monthly PlanningFeedback Pulse, Development Pulse, x1 MeasureBehaviours
Quarterly Review, Team Health PulsePerformance PulseBehaviours

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