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The home for all of your performance, relationship, wellbeing and productivity data, connected to all of your data sources in real time, that provides personalised insights for you.

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What's a Performance Passport©?

A Performance Passport© is a holistic view of an individual's performance. It shows the value of an individual, where they can improve and where they excel, to get the best performance.


Connect to key performance data sources across productivity, relationships and wellbeing to get a consolidated view.


Every person is unique, therefore every Performance Passport© is personalised to the individual.


Performance designed intelligence engines that provide personalised, real-time insights from your data at scale.

Dynamic and holistic people performance

People's performance is dynamic. The smart Performance Passport measures individuals' performance holistically and in real time, rather than in isolation.

What we've learnt:

  • Personal life performance absolutely impacts professional performance.
  • Tracking only soft metrics or only hard metrics leads to unsustainable high performance

Empower people and connections

The passport empowers individuals, professionals, managers and leaders to make the right decisions and have deep conversations driven by data and insights.

What we've learnt:

  • Technology and insights won’t replace the interactions and conversations that matter, it amplifies the quality of them.

Easy to understand personalised insights

The smart passport shows the connections between productivity, relationships and wellbeing, leading to smart insights that are easy to understand.

Because passports are modelled for individuals, aggregation at a team, function or service line level is easy.

What we've learnt:

  • Having a collective focus on the lead indicators to team performance creates exceptional output beyond individual brilliance.
"With a growing business we were worried about losing the one to one relationships we had with our team and ensuring that they remained fulfilled and happy in their roles. With Everperfom, we are able to see very quickly the general feeling within the office. We are able to have more regular and meaningful catch ups with members of the team that can really help drive change and improvements across many facets of the business."
Jeff Manson
Studio LBA