Turn data into smart insights

Everperform provides smart, personalised insights by connecting the dots between performance and your data from the apps you use every day.

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Connect performance data

Securely connect and sync your firm's performance data from your existing systems across practice, client, communication, productivity and more.

Analysis and insights

Our platform analyses your performance data and provides personalised insights into performance. View your firm's performance like never before.

Perform on autopilot

We make it easy to capture and measure all of the data you need to improve performance. We know this usually takes time, so we have automated it to allow you to focus on more important things.

Measure your firm's performance data

You're capturing hundreds of data points on your firm's operating activities everyday, why not use them to your advantage?

We connect and measure your firm's performance data from almost any source, including Mircrosoft Teams, APS and Xero, to give you insights into individual performance without the need to hire a team of data scientists.

Performance insights at every level

By transforming your data into measures, you can now look at your firm with a new perspective.

Ladders and reports give you firm-wide rankings based on all your performance measures. See who your top performers are, and what signals are contributing to their performance, like time spent in meetings, jobs and more.

Performance Passport: Advisor of the future

With Everperform, every advisor in your firm has a personalised performance passport, showing their strengths, improvement areas and holistic performance scores.

Performance passports let advisors, managers and partners take a bottom-up approach to coaching and managing, letting you tailor conversations to the specific needs of individuals, in less time.

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Smart performance. Anytime. Anywhere

Everperform lets you take your performance passport with you at all times.

The Everperform mobile app allows you to update your progress, check in with your own performance and your team to ensure you're always in the know.