Connect your data for smart insights

Most firms have more performance data than they realise. Integrations help you get insights from your data, without the need to hire your own data science team.

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Measure your data out-of-the-box

Automated data sources connect natively with Everperform, making it easy to start utilising your existing data to get smart, personalised insights with Everperform.

Analyse performance using your financial data. Find correlations between people, profit, revenue and more.

Analyse timesheets, billable hours and more, stack them up against other performance metrics to discover their impact on your bottom line.

Connect your health data to get insights and correlations into how your wellbeing is impacting performance.

Get more out of everyday apps

Everperform is built to work with your data from these everyday apps. Turn your existing data into personalised insights.

Microsoft Teams

Get insights based on the quality and frequency of communication across your firm, and how it impacts performance.

Microsoft Outlook

See how the frequency of internal and external communication is impacting individual performance across your firm.


Analyse your practice management data to get insights into how productive advisors and professionals are across the firm.

Connect to your communication platforms

Connect to everyday apps to make collecting performance data easier and more efficient, without increasing everyone's workload.


Collect employee feedback through Slack, cutting down on emails and keeping your communication centralised.

Microsoft Teams

Collect and measure communication data through Microsoft Teams, keeping team communication in one place.

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Data types that work with Everperform

Everperform can analyse and provide insights from almost any type of data your firm has, from timesheet data to communication and emails.

Timesheet & Utilisation
Billables & Financials
KPIs & Goals
Communication & Meetings
Health & Wellbeing
Feedback & Surveys
Jobs & Task Productivity
Development & Career
Client Management

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