Power Tynan increases their billable hours by 18% in 90 days with Everperform

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Power Tynan has been a long-time customer of Everperform and a prolific award winner in the Australian accounting industry, winning both Community Engagement Program of the Year and Small Business Advisor of the Year at the SMSF awards.

Amanda Kenafake, CEO of Power Tynan, is a firm believer in putting people first, and that having an engaged and people-driven culture is the key to their company's success.

"At the end of the day we are in a service business, and everything we do is people-related, so it's great to be able to work closely with all of our team, to ensure that we are all aligned and setting short and long term goals."

Leading a people-driven culture, Amanda looked at ways to measure people-performance data and match it to their business results. Primarily, which lead-indicators produced the best business outcomes, so they could focus on improving those.

Knowing the indicators of success

Power Tynan started with simple people-performance metrics to gain a grasp of focus and confidence across the company. They measured these metrics with fortnightly performance pulses, automated to go out to team members company-wide.

Over the first 90 days, there was a jump in the team's confidence that they were on track to deliver, and that they would achieve their financial year goals.

  • I am on track to deliver and perform well this month increased by 18.5% from September to November.

  • I am on track to achieve my FY Goals increased by 17.2% in the same period.

The results from these fortnightly pulses provided the basis for better conversations between managers and employees, using the real-time data to have more meaningful, forward-looking catchups.

"If we can get all of our team working at peak performance then we have a great team that can deliver great service to our clients and helps them to achieve their goals, both business and personal."

This boost in confidence, and ensuring the team was always striving for peak performance, lead to better interactions and service with their customers, which in turn improved their most important KPI, Productive $ (Billable Hours), by 18% over the next three months.

Measuring performance into the future

Together with the leadership team and the personalization team from Everperform, Power Tynan is refreshing their lead-indicator playbook for FY20. These new measures will extend on their existing lead indicators to better cover areas like Mindset, Behaviors, Capability, Capacity and Value.

"Using Everperform has allowed us to be very open in conversation regarding Mindset, Behaviors, Resilience, Capability, and Capacity."

In conjunction, there's a shift in what KPIs they will measure, which are getting uploaded automatically from their practice management system, APS, into Everperform. Moving further away from time-based KPIs and more towards impact and value-based KPIs that give a true reflection of the contribution they are making on their customers.

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