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Pitcher Partners selects Everperform to personalise professional growth and performance

 “Understanding the performance patterns of our people, as individuals, will put us in a great position to make key decisions required to support them to do their best work more often, in a sustainable way.

Adam Irwin Pitcher Partners Sydney’s newly appointed Managing Partner is living the firms brand promise of ‘making business personal’. He is leading Pitcher Partners to a ‘firm of the future’, in response to challenges facing the professional services industry, such as new working arrangements, immediate lockdowns, and staffing shortages.

Adam has partnered with Everperform, a comprehensive technology platform which provides real-time performance insights and analytics into staff engagement and helps drive better decision making in real time via their Performance Passport.

Everperform leverages data from sources including practice management, communication and CRM, as well as generating new data across the human dimension, including wellbeing and additional factors contributing to mental health.

Daniel Spitty Co-Founder and CEO of Everperform said he enjoyed partnering with Adam and his team to visualise what Pitcher Partners looks like from a people, performance, and technology perspective. 

“To see results already coming to life and making an impact at Pitcher Partners is both gratifying and motivating - especially amidst the seismic changes remote and hybrid working demands,” said, Daniel.

Adam noted that the opportunity to monitor people’s engagement between work and their wellbeing, led to being able to pinpoint factors that people were struggling with. 

“As a result of understanding people’s view around work and life, we are able to reach out and offer direct support and help them navigate through challenges they are facing,” said Adam.  

“Our people have become accustomed to completing the surveys, with there being an upward trend in survey completion rates. The more frequent and honest their responses are, the more we are able to break-down barriers between staff and management.

“Findings from the survey results showed that there was a downward trend of staff getting outside for fresh air daily. To combat this, we introduced a series of personal training lunch and learn sessions that were successful in encouraging our people to get outside and move their body.

Through analysing the results, we noticed that as staff started getting outside and the score associated with this factor increased, so too did we see a correlating trend in staff’s ability to think more clearly and in turn feel as though they are providing greater value to our client, which was beneficial for management as we were able to see a direct result of the initiatives we had put in place,” Adam said. 

Pitcher Partners’ progressive strategy when it comes to technology includes Everperform as the centerpiece to navigate engagement with employees. The platform provides an integrated view of service lines across the firm, with it considering the performance of an individual. 

Everperform provides a connection between the collection of data at a service line level, to which it then totals across the firm.  

“The measure of a good or great employee, professional or advisor is so much more than just productivity. When we look at the lead indicator categories like wellbeing and mindset, the data continues to show a very strong correlation between these indicators and performance.

The firms that are outperforming are the ones determining, measuring and acting on these real-time insights to sustainably increase performance on a holistic basis.” added Daniel.

Everperform’s heritage is in elite sport and high-performance management, and as Daniel explains there are learnings that can be adapted to this industry, “We often draw parallels between sport and professional services. Whilst free-agency has existed in sport for decades, we are now seeing the pendulum swing towards the athlete (employee) selecting the team and coach (firm and manager) that they want to play for. Rewards from this approach are far more than monetary, where-in great performers want to work for the best firms, the best leaders who partner with the best clients. It is through this approach and the Everperform platform that people will accelerate their growth and development to achieve the extraordinary.”

 “Understanding the performance patterns of our people, as individuals, will put us in a great position to make key decisions required to support them to do their best work more often, in a sustainable way. Everything from regular one on one conversations between employees and managers, to measuring the impact of different working models and styles, to the personalisation of development of each individual, they all benefit from the Everperform platform.” Adam said.

Adam added, “This has helped us draw positive attention to the firm, with employee word of mouth appraisals having a direct impact on the appeal of the firm to possible candidates.

The Performance Passport is exactly where Pitcher Partners needs to be.” 

Author: Cristian Tountzis, Head of Growth, Everperform.

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