We are Everperform

Our mission is to put a Performance Passport© in everyone’s pocket. We help business measure, understand and improve people. Our aim is to literally reflect the human capital asset value on a company’s balance sheet.

We believe that traditional management is broken, and is often the barrier to performance. Management constructs, like the employee contract don’t recognise an individual’s value and the management of performance does not improve individual or team productivity.

The problem is that people can’t rely on management to help them improve. We believe that to solve this, improvement in business needs to start with personalising improvement for individuals.

We’ve therefore developed the Performance Passport© and Universal Measurement Framework© with the aim of enabling people to take performance into their own hands, and creating free agency at work.

The journey and lessons that got us to where we are


Our focus was to automate and simplify performance management. We realised that technology doesn't actually make the process any better.


We tackled yearly engagement and culture surveys and replaced them with on-going feedback. Real-time data on it's did not help individuals improve.


We focused at replacing team agenda tools with more agile processes. We found that these techniques didn't impact performance as much as we wanted.


Our discovery was that management variablity was an inhibitor to performance, and that performance measurement needed to be streamlined and universal.


First version of the Performance Passport© was created, designed to tailor improvement based on an individuals performance.

Our leadership team

Wade Keenan

Co Founder

Wade is an entrepreneur with extensive experience developing high performance teams. He learnt his craft through a unique combination of life experience, study and research across professional elite sport, coaching, mathematics, leadership, business and technology.

Daniel Spitty

Co Founder & CEO

Daniel has been a 20 year apprentice of Wade. And a lifelong apprentice of Roland. He left KPMG as he felt his manager was holding him back, and joined SolveIT, a science driven, Deloitte Fast 50 software company that sold to Schneider Electric. He is obsessive about all things Everperform and leads the team in the same mould.

Roland Spitty

Director & Partnerships

Roland is the sage of Everperform. He was responsible for hiring Wade as a graduate and very responsible for Daniel. He comes from Accounting root stocks, adapted himself over his career to the CTO of optimising the largest private company in Australia at that time, to rocketing a startup in SolveIT to exit. He now leads the partnership and advisory arms of Everperform.

Cristian Tountzis

Marketing & R&D

Cristian is the young rockstar. He comes from a background of counting cards and leads the new frontier of development for the Everperform R&D and Product teams. He is the ultimate swingman, and has been pivotal in the growth of Everperform as the pendulum has swung between product and market capacity and capability needs.

Our values

Always Improve

We believe in always striving to do better, to be better than you were yesterday. As a team, we always look for ways to build each other, from engineering skills to management.

Teams Win

You can't be your best working as an individual. We believe that open, transparent teams with great culture and communication will always beat lone wolves.

Connect Deeply

Good relationships are at the core of any good team. Build positive connections with the people around you and be supportive.

Enjoy Banter

You need to enjoy what you do. Working as a team should be a fun, enjoyable experience you want to come back to everyday.

Trust First

We believe in putting trust in your team and team mates first. Listening openly and respecting opinions is the only way we work.

Serve Intelligently

Our philosophy is about turning data into meaningful insights. Decisions and advice should be based on facts as much as possible.