Product Update: Upcoming features for 2021 and beyond

Updates and features we're really excited to be making to the platform to help you maximise the value of your productivity, wellbeing and relationship analytics.

Cristian Tountzis

Our product and experience team has been hard at work over the past few months combing through customer feedback and revisting our product plan to better reflect the feedback and needs of our users.

As a company, we will be focusing our developments in two main areas for 2021 and beyond, simplicity and automation.

I'm really excited to be taking on this new role as Product and Intelligence Lead, and I want to walk you through some of the awesome short and long term features we have coming up.

You can keep up to date with feature developments with our public product roadmap.

Short-term features

We want to keep you in the know with Notification Preferences

With Notification Preferences, you’ll be able to choose which events you want to be notified of, like a reportee completing a pulse and more. You will be in control of what you want to be notified of, and when, helping you get the information you need at the right time.

Making feedback easier than ever with Pulse Management

Giving users the tools they need to create, manage and analyse their own pulses is an important item on our list. We want to encourage more users to collect more in-depth and frequent feedback from their people, and put them in control of what that feedback is.

Overcome organisation complexity with Following Users

The average ideal team size sits somewhere between 3 and 6 and we want to give managers the power and tools to quickly analyse and interact with people that report to them in a meaningful way.

With following users, admins will be able to choose which users should follow others, reducing the number of direct reports a manager has in Everperform. Users who are following others will be able to do everything the could if that user reported to them, without diluting their My People page or reports.

Mid to long-term features

​Microsoft Teams App

Streamlining communication from Everperform through Microsoft Teams is a feature we're really hanging to get out. Just like our Slack integration, users will be able to receive notifications and updates straight to their Teams account.

Xero Practice Manager Integration

Visualising productivity and performance of your people has never been more important. Our seamless integration with XPM is expanding to include more key metrics that matter.

UX refresh

Everyone loves a product that is simple and initiative to use, so we are looking at a complete refresh of our user experience and navigation to make it easy for you to get what you need, at the right time.

Usage Analytics

Everperform Engagement analytics to help you find the advocates and the laggards across your account, from creating and completing pulses to the number of updated and completed goals.

Unified Inbox

Your people have never been busier, so we are making it easier for them to remain informed and what they need to do in one place.

Deprecated features

The world has changed, and so have we. We need to be simpler and relevant, and as a result, some legacy features are no longer needed. Sadly we will be deprecating the following features on 3rd September. While these features will return in some format in the future, we believe they need a little bit of love to be truly valuable for our users.

Performance Page

Our new Dashboards and Reports have trumped the Performance Page and it will be removed from the app along with conversation scheduling. We are looking forward to reworking the entire conversation feature in 2022.

Chat on web

We want to encourage users to use the communication channels they already have in place, so we will be removing Chat from the web platform, and will be removing from the mobile app in the future. Our existing Slack integration and upcoming Microsoft Teams app will let users receive notifications and updates from Everperform staright into their communication platform. We are looking to revisit chat and messaging in 2022.

If you have any feedback or requests about our product plan, my email is open. Send me your thoughts at

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