Product update: Introducing followers to your network and more

Followers allow users to view people that don't directly report to them in Everperform, cutting down on your direct reports and making insights more transparent for managers, leaders and admins.

Cristian Tountzis

Introducing followers

We're excited to release our latest feature in Everperform: Followers. With followers, users will be able to see insights for people outside of their direct team, cutting down on the amount of people who appear in your My People dashboard without loosing access to people you need to view to effectively manage and grow your organisation.

How to add followers

Currently, only admins can update who a user is following. This gives admins complete control over who can view who in Everperform, keeping data secure and transparent for people who need it.

To update who a user is following, navigate to Settings > Users and select the user you wish to follow others. Once selected, you'll see a following option, where you can select who that user is following.

This is only a one-way connection, the users you add won't automatically follow the user you are updating.

View who you follow

Once you have users you're following, they'll appear in your left navigation under 'Following'. Selecting any of these users works the same as if they were in your direct team, except they don't show up in your My People page.

Reports have been moved to Analysis

We've centralised a lot of the reporting available in Everperform under a new Analysis page. From here, you'll be able to access My People, Organisation Reports and Performance Reports without needing to navigate around the application.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to read our type: entry-hyperlink id: 5rlatgfP2CwLPHcxa6eUKOto keep up-to-date with features that are coming to Everperform soon.

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