Everperform Slack App - Measuring your lead indicators just got easier

Everperform now integrates with Slack to keep your employee touch points centralised, including pulse requests and notifications

Cristian Tountzis
Everperform Slack App - Measuring your lead indicators just got easier.

Everperform for Slack App helps keep your employee touch points centralised by sending feedback requests and notifications directly to channels.

If you're already using Everperform to build a high-performing culture in your business, you know that automated employee feedback is a great way to get critical feedback from your employees while keeping tabs on performance trends with little effort.

From today, collecting feedback across your teams and business just got a whole lot easier with our new Slack App. You can now sync Everperform with your Slack account to receive feedback requests and reminders directly in your Everperform channel.

Why a Slack Channel for feedback?

Slack is one of the best apps to centralise communication and work across your teams, helping you boost productivity. At Everperform, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce the number of unnecessary touch points managers have with their people, while focusing conversations on performance and improvement with the right data.

It only makes sense to measure how you're working, in the same place you do your work. By sending automated feedback requests straight to your Slack channel, you can reduce the number of emails you receive, and have less apps open at the same time, which we know limits how productive you can really be.

How does it work?

Once you have connected the Everperform Instance to your Slack workspace, users from your workspace will be prompted in Slack to connect their personal Everperform and Slack accounts. After they are connected, they will begin receiving pulses through the Everperform Channel in Slack. Team members can then click Complete Pulse to give feedback, without having to open emails.

Everperform Slack App pulse message

You can read our full guide here.

What other apps does Everperform sync with?

Like we mentioned above, we are working to reduce unnecessary manager - employee touch points, while continuously measuring performance and lead indicators across people and teams in businesses.

This is why we also integrate with WorkflowMax to pull critical job and project metrics as lead indicators into Everperform. We're currently working on Xero integration to sync business and financial data with performance data, as well as a few other apps on the roadmap.

If there's an app you would love to sync with Everperform, let us know at support@everperform.com.

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