What I've learnt after our first week working from home

With more businesses moving to remote-work, we want to share our learnings and experiences so other teams can adapt and transition easier.

Daniel Spitty
What I've learnt after our first week #workingfromhome

As you may be aware the Everperform team transitioned to working from home this week due to the COVID-19 virus that is capturing the world's attention and bodies at the moment.

With this transition, we felt that it was really important for us to agree on a pact that will help us work together whilst we are working from home. Fundamentally this was to ensure that we were looking after each other and identifying areas or signals that may trigger us into understanding the transition for each of us and better and being able to take action. 

Our services team has started delivering coaching and consulting remotely, via Hangouts. Our internal communication has been unified in Slack. And we are each adapting to what life is now like working from home. 

At the start of the week, we identified 3 key areas that we see as fundamentally important for our livelihood right now; frequent meaningful connections with our people, focus and productivity and our overall well-being. 

We rolled out a quick series of pulses that would enable us to measure the impact of the key categories and to quickly identify where each of us was doing well, and where we needed some help.

Everperform dashboard showing trends and results after working from home

Here is what we discovered:

We have used Everperform to capture the pulses from our people this week in addition to our regular lead indicator pulses. The combination of these has been purposely designed, and I have personally have found this invaluable. It has uncovered unknowns for me like people being unable to show their face online because they didn't have webcams on home computers, people not taking time to step out and get some fresh air near home and just ensuring that everyone had a connection with at least 1 teammate, every day.

Not to mention the stress caused by not being able to buy toilet paper! This transition is a massive change for everyone and this data is helping me understand the impact and actions I need to take with the team. 

We are now working as quickly as we can to use these learnings and work with our partners to give teams around the world access to the same insights for their people. We feel like we can help.

Personally, my own well being and health have shifted gears this week. I have been focused on the micro and hygiene aspects of well being for me and my family, like washing our hands, not touching our faces, and making sure that we're getting some fresh air (I am working in a room with direct outside access, most of the time with the door wide open). 

However, I know that personally my step count is considerably decreased as a result of working from home. I realised today that on the back of having two sick kids at home, I haven't left the perimeter of our property for the last 5 days. So, that for me is a true realisation that I need to continue to be active. So whether that's going for a run or walking around the block or going and grabbing a coffee. That's on me for the weekend and into next week. 

On that note, please do what you need to do to look after yourself and your family. We're reiterating this across the team. This is not normal. This is not a normal situation. Therefore upholding the same level of expectations on yourself, particularly when it comes to working, this week might be the right week just to reflect, understand, and accept what is happening around us. Take a deep breath of fresh air, look after yourself and the people that mean the most to you. 

We'll continue to keep you updated with our learning through this. Hopefully, you're staying healthy and happy.

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