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Lee Di Sipio

Wellbeing at Everperform

At Everperform we know every individual is unique, particularly when it comes to Wellbeing. So with it being the utmost priority for 2022, we have taken an experimental mindset to achieve the best outcome for individuals, the team and the business.

The Great Rejuvenation Part 1 - A year in Review

As 2021 comes to a close, many of the stories that we hear are important building blocks for the year to come. ‘The Great Resignation’ is one, Languishing has been another, and being ‘Change Fatigued’ or simply ‘Too Busy’ is increasingly common.

Everperform Series : The Great Rejuvenation

At the crux of one of the great challenges being presented to the accounting and advisory industry is all surrounding one thing. Time. Where to spend it, and how to improve what we accomplish with it. Are people busy doing the most important things?